A Beginners Guide to Legacy Storm

As a Legacy Open finalist, a lot of people ask Eric Hawkins about playing Storm. Check out his advice on how to acquaint yourself with the deck!

A Quick-and-Dirty Guide for Legacy Cube Beginners (White, Black, and Everything Else)

Getting ready for your first Legacy Cube draft? Check out this lightning-fast breakdown of some of the best cards in the format for white, black, gold, colorless, and lands.

A Quick-and-Dirty Guide for Legacy Cube Beginners (Blue, Green, and Red)

Getting ready for your first Legacy Cube draft? Check out this lightning-fast breakdown of some of the best cards in the format for blue, green, and red.

Choosing The Right Bullet: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s time, once again, for a return to The Beginner’s Guide to Modern. This my long-running but periodic series where I cover the fundamentals of Modern for those new to the format. Though, as happens with a series that’s four years old at this point, I’ve already covered all the fundamentals and obvious misconceptions long […]

Fighting Jund: A Beginner’s Guide

Well, this is rather unfortunate. I was intending to start building a new metagame dataset with SCG Baltimore this week. However, COVID-19 has led to basically everything for the next month being cancelled. Which means I’ll need to rely on online data for the foreseeable future. The problem is there isn’t enough non-League data to […]

Colorless Matchup Guide: Mardu and Ironworks

Mardu Pyromancer and Ironworks are wildly successful Modern decks right now, and for good reason: the former attacks from multiple angles while making excellent use of the format’s premier abusable resource, the graveyard; the latter is an artifact-based combo deck that’s at once tricky to disrupt and unintuitive to play against for most opponents. So […]

Answering Combo: A Beginner’s Guide

The Modern PPTQ season begins at the end of July. For consummate grinders like myself, this is a call to break out the tech and start polish decks. It’s also a call to start playtesting, both to understand how my own deck works and to understand how other decks operate. One of the greatest challenges […]

Choosing Sideboard Cards: A Beginner’s Guide

Happy (almost) Independence Day America! For Fireworks Day Eve, I have been inspired to go back to the Beginner’s Guide. Recent spoiler discussions and in-game observations made me realize that I have a lot more Modern basics to cover. I’ve danced around this a few times, but never actually discussed building a Modern sideboard. I’m […]

Repositioning and Counterboarding: A Beginner’s Guide

Nothing is harder to see than the obvious. This is the problem of teaching Magic to new players. Whether you humiliatingly miss an on-board win, or your “missing” keys are on the table right in front of you, it happens to everyone. It can even apply to knowledge. It is easy to forget how daunting […]

Insider: A Beginner’s Guide to the MTGO Marketplace, Part I

Whether this is new information for you or a refresher, Kyle’s guide to MTGO trading can help us all save a few tix on Magic Online.

Beginner’s Guide: Managing Deck Complexity

Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide. Once again, it is time for some general advice for those making the transition from Standard to Modern. As always, my intention is to provide a foundation for newer players to build on. Once this is established, only then are you ready to talk about all the nuance that aficionados […]

The Unusual Decks: A Beginner’s Guide

Here we are, the final category of decks! Well, I say category but it is actually categories. You see, there are a number of archetypes that are either rare or derivative of the other ones and so don’t really require separate articles. This is not to deride their value to Modern or their power. It is simply […]

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